Getting Started:

Please insert the SIM card in India 01 or 02 days prior to your departure from India and wait for the SIM to latch on network automatically if does not latch automatically go to manual network search and try attempting on network manually ( You may try any available network in India). Keep the phone latched on India for 10 minutes then remove the SIM card and insert upon arriving at your destination.

Note:- If the sim card is already inserted then kindly reinsert the same. If you are travelling to multiple countries, it is advisable to reinsert or reboot you handset to avoid any frequency clash.

Profile Selection:

in case the network is not latching despite of manual network search it is advisable to do manual profile selection:-

Manual Profile Selection:

Go to main menu>SIM Services/SIM Tool Kit>Select Settings>Select Country> Select Oris( In case Oris is not available select EU) then go back and select network manually according to Countries mentioned below:

How to dial out from your Oyetel number: (Direct Dial)

For Local Calls

calling button
E.g. 00447700095375 calling button
Call will connect directly

calling button
E.g.0044- 20-36087701 calling button
Call will connect directly